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Welcome to the Old School with New Tools broadcast where we connect Old School Relationship Building Practices with New Tech Tools to create dynamic and successful sales people. Your Old School with New Tools Podcast hosts are the contrarian CEO and uncommon salesman, Tim Brown and passion-personified educator, Dan Streeter. The Old School with New Tools concepts are all based on the book Old School with New Tools by Tim Brown set for release the fall of 2015. You can find more at Tim Brown: - Three Creative - Dan Streeter: or IMPART! Curriculum Design, Delivery & Training - www.Impart–
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Mar 7, 2016

In this episode we discuss Sunday night can be the most powerful time of your sales

week.  You’ll learn how to you prepare your week by designing your three big goals

for the week, using your calendar wisely, designing ‘me time’, choose meetings and

the best forum to hold those meetings and which items to delegate.  

New Tool:  Choice Map If you are someone who struggles with decisions, you can

hyper-charged clarity through a tool like Choice Map which provides clarification of

your priorities and how well options meets your needs and priorities in just a few

simple steps.

Feb 29, 2016

The title of salesperson has seemingly become a burden to big for some to bear…in

fact, we try to use creative sales titles to hide behind actually what we do.  And over

the course of the last 100 years, the moniker of sales person generates a great deal

of angst.  In this episode we discuss how this reputation has come about, and

ultimately, what you can do to control your reputation and design a title that is truly

reflective of who you are.  

New Tool: In episode 23, we took a look at Meerkat and Periscope.  If you

are ready to move your game to the next level in terms of online video, take a look at  This service allows you the opportunity to create your own ‘online

interviews’ and seminars, as well as interact with participants in never before

imagined ways.  Check it out!

Feb 22, 2016

90% of what our customers tell us is what’s wrong…the other 10% is what’s really

wrong, and the true problem we should be out to sell.  In this episode we discuss

how to ask the powerful questions which truly get to the root of what is the

customer’s pain (or gain).  

New tool: Periscope and Meerkat are revolutionizing the face of live video.  In this

new tools segment we address how you can use this tool to dramatically impact

your visibility in the immediate and long-term future.

Feb 15, 2016

According to a Forbes article by Dan Diamond, Just 8% of us hold onto our New

Years Resolutions.

Why?  A goal is not your bucket list…it’s like trying a shot gun/laundry list approach.  

I’ll list 50 things and see how many I can get done.

We miss the smart goal format.

We miss a sequence of action steps to get to the end goal.


New Tools:

Fit Bit

Feb 8, 2016

Most of our first impressions are done via email and via digital means..but what

about our second impression?


New Tools:


Snap Dat

Flex Town



Feb 1, 2016

The world of sales is changing, but the Old School rule that People buy from People

they like and trust still applies.  

So, how do you establish a relationship based in likability and trust based in your

online presence…well all of this comes down to your customer journey. Today, we

have an expert in the customer journey…John Ivanko CEO of Boon Road.



Jan 25, 2016




New Tool: How to use iBooks or other Book/PDF apps.

Jan 18, 2016

The reality of sales is that you are the brand!  It’s not the product or service you

offer.  You are the brand.




Jan 11, 2016

Think about the last time you went to a business networking event.  What’s the

second question that always follows…what’s your name?  What do you do?  The job

title seems to be ubiquitous and gives us social rank as well as context. The difficulty

is that many times we use our job titles to give us an identity, which dramatically

hinders our ability to sell.


New Tools:

Jan 4, 2016

We all want to have live a life with purpose, but most of us do

not take the intentional steps to focus on living each and every moment with

purpose.  In this episode, we ask you to take a hard look at each and use the frame of

a simple, yet very powerful took to see ensure that each moment of your calendar is

focused on achieving your ‘greater than’ purpose.


New Tools:




Dec 28, 2015

Everyone has a different way of defining what failure means. Why?  Because we all

have different values, belief systems, fears and self-limiting habits. A failure to one

person can be defining while another person simply views the failure as another

opportunity to learn. What will you choose?


New Tech Tool of the Week

Coaching App:

Dec 21, 2015

We know our listeners do a great job of answering their phone and answering their email. You think it’s easy to do business with you right?  Well maybe…in this podcast we learn to go beyond the basics and learn what it takes to truly make it even easier to do business with you. 



New Tool: and




Old School With New Tools Dojo Handout

Dec 14, 2015

With the holidays approaching, sales people are infamous for sending

along the holiday card or even the fancy holiday email.  However, relationships are

operate much like an annuity…the more you invest, the more you get back.  So, how

do you invest in a relationships so that your customers always know they are top of

mind.  In this episode we discuss are variety of ways you can continually invest in

your most important relationships and activate trust with your clients anytime of

Companies will spend more rewarding their employees than they do on their clients

this holiday season.  New research finds that companies plan to spend an average of

$42 on gifts for their employees this holiday season compared with $26 spent on

each client.

Both those numbers, however, are down from last year, when companies spent an

average of $30 on gifts for clients and $43 for gifts for their employees.  

- See more at:


Dec 7, 2015

In the Old School with New Tools training we discuss the Pain-Gain-Unique Proposition and Proof Model.  This model allows for us to fulfill the 5:1 rule of listening and speaking as well as gives us a tool for matching our solution to their need.  In this podcast, we learn how to expand upon our Proof, essentially: How to tell a compelling story which demonstrates the power of your offer.

Nov 30, 2015

Many times when you have conversations with customers, it’s not what they say that matters, but what they are NOT saying that you should pay attention to.  In this episode, we’ll talk about how to truly listen, beyond the customer conversation to discover the hidden conversation going on in your prospect’s and customer’s head.



New Tool: LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Nov 23, 2015

During this episode we focus on Old School Questioning.  We all know we are supposed to ask questions when we enter a sales meeting, but the truth is most of us do a TERRIBLE job of devising and delivering questions of substance and value.  Though the Old School with New Tools framework, we talk about how to discover a clients Why, What and Will you?

Nov 16, 2015

Most of us have used some form of email for almost 20 years now.  Email has certainly involved over the course of that time and the rules of etiquette regarding email have changed as well.  In this podcast, we talk about some of the little known and little practiced Old School email strategies that give you more time, and build more credibility with your prospects, customers and internal team.  

Nov 9, 2015

No one needs to tell you that the world of sales is changing.  But most of us are really

unsure about how to manage this change.  During this episode we talk about how to

overcome what Dan Pink calls Information Asymmetry with your prospects. And

how to ensure that everyone on in your company understands that they are ALL in


New Tool:  Google Alerts

Nov 2, 2015

Ever wonder how your competition is putting out more proposals, more rapidly

than you are.  In this second part of the series, we learn the 3 must-have apps that

accelerate your urgency and the urgency of your clients building your likability and

trust with clients.

Oct 26, 2015

The average sales person has 44 apps on their phone and yet, almost none of those

apps are dedicated to helping you sell or be more efficient.  During this episode we

focus on the 3 most important apps that will allow you to amplify your

communication activating more trust and ultimately creating more sales.

Oct 19, 2015

Understanding what your competition is doing (and not doing) is an absolutely

critical part of being an exceptional sales professional.  These sales statistics

providing a revealing look at what your competition is doing (and not doing), so you

can capitalize and break more than just boards.

New Tool:  Statista

Oct 15, 2015

In this episode we help guide you with a simple model that will allow you to discover the deepest level of your clients needs, how to establish your unique proposition, and how to supply proof to persuade your customer that your solution is not just plausible, but the best possible.

New Tool:  Slideshare

Oct 5, 2015

Knowing what questions to ask and when is one of the most important Old School

skills every successful sales person must master. In this episode we focus on the

“Who, What, When, Where, How and Never Why” of selling.  Listen and find out why

asking “why” kills sales.

New Tools: Secrets of Google Forms for Business



If you are interested in the link to see how to use the beginner’s version of Google


Beginning link to how to use Google Forms:

Advanced link for how to use Google Forms:

Sep 28, 2015

One of the fundamental rules of Old School selling is to act as a resource broker for others.  Now, as you create your dynamic network, you have the ability to rapidly connect others with others at an unheard of rate.  Take a listen and learn how.   

New Tool Review:  LinkedIn tools


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